That’s another semester down! I’m now officially a year into my masters program, though my work never really takes a break. Classes actually finished on December 4th, and my final exam was on the 13th. I made this highest grade on the final exam in my Reproductive Technologies class. (woohoo!) Ended up with an A in there and a4.0 GPA for the semester! (Whew, relieves the worry of being on academic probation!)

My really worry has been research. I’ve been on the road to different farms and working cows more in the past month than I have been on main campus. But no complaints here. I’ll take any day in the barn over the best day the desk. Don’t get me wrong. I’m still behind with some of my work, but at least every thing so far is entered in the computer. When I return from break, I will have several days at the forage/feed grinder. Distillers Grains take FOREVER to grind with a 1mm screen.

I celebrated the end of my semester and a successful period of research this far with a steak and drink at Applebees. Can you believe it? I get a better steak there than I ever have at Texas Road House. Also, I’m celebrating with a Care Package from my dear friend, Wisconsin farmer Dairy Carrie. She sent me Sartori and Carr Valley cheese, RumChata, and White Whisky. I’ll get back to ya after I finish celebrating!