Thankful Thursday: Field Trip to the Sheep Barn

Taking class on the road for the day

College kids take field trips too. Although this one was quite a short trip.

I had the opportunity to play shuttle driver for the lab sections of the Introduction to Animal Science class. We went to the University farm just outside of town to learn about sheep farming. These students are mostly Freshmen, and many are new to livestock farming. Some aren’t looking for an Animal Science degree (even though it is a very useful degree), but are taking the class to learn more about opportunities available in the Animal Science industries.

I always find it interesting to watch their expressions as they are introduced to new subjects – especially on the farm.

Do you know why the sheep on the right has its top lip curled?

I am pretty thankful for opportunities like this to exposure people to new adventures. Not everyone has the opportunity to grow up on a diverse family farm like I did. So for the students who aspire to one day become veterinarians, these experiences early in a college education are crucial.

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  1. Hey there! I just started following your blog and I enjoy your posts! I must say I used to love little field trips like these when I was in college. There is just something about hands-on learning!

  2. The answer: Because the sheep with the curled up lip is a ram and there is a female in heat nearby that he wants to get to know a little better!

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