As a part of celebrating for National Agriculture Day, March 8th, I asked you to submit photos describing why you are proud to be a part of agriculture. From gate to plate, many photos were entered and based on the number of ‘Likes’ and comments the Top 5 are below. Vote for your favorite in the poll and we’ll see the winner featured in my March Series highlighting why others are Agriculture Proud.

Take a look at all the photos entered on Facebook and Pinterest.

AgriCULTURE. It's not just a business or a job or just an industry... It's a culture that many of us are a part of from birth. -- Janeal Yancy
Growing up in, "Cajun Country," has made me realize how much I am AGRICULTURE PROUD. Agriculture is a neccessity in EVERY person's life one way or another; being from south Louisiana, where agriculture plays a major role in our lifestyle, has shown me how many people depend on agriculture to make a living. My picture symbolizes the agricultural products my family and I raise such as rice, Brangus cattle, and crawfish. -- Allison Deshotel
There is nothing like harvesting a year's worth of work, worry, sweat and tears. As the truck fills up you get a sense of relief and pride of a job well done; knowing you've done your part to feed America. -- Leann Botkin
Big sis helping little brother show her heifer, sharing a love of beef cattle, livestock, and production agriculture that continues today - Wanda Quiggins
Like peas in a pod. Another reason to be AgProud -- Dwayne Mathis

So now you’ve seen the Top 5 photos describing why you are Agriculture Proud. Vote for your favorite in the poll below and the winning photo will be revealed Thursday, March 1st. Invite all of your friends to come vote! And share why you are Proud to be a part of Agriculture!