Built to Work: The Four Wheeler Farmer

Saw this commercial on Sunday in the middle of the NHL All Star game and thought it pretty appropriate to share.

Out here 9 to 5 is actually 5 to 9.

Ain’t that the truth. Of course, the commercial promotes sale of Honda ATVs, but it’s also promoting the hard work of rural lifestyles – like that of a farmer/rancher with a full-time job in town. Waking up and getting the chores accomplished before the crack of dawn, feeding the stock and repairing fence. Then when the guys get home one is out casting a line (boy, wouldn’t that be nice!), moving the cattle, and another is hauling hay. Though, I have to say it’d sure take a while to clean a whole pasture of square bales with that ATV alone. 🙂 Point is, I’m sure there’s a story behind this one.

After a quick Google search I found another Honda video that highlights the Yolo Land and Cattle Company of Yolo County, California. The video highlights Scott and Casey Stone and their use of horses, dogs, and ATVs on a 12,000 acre ranch. The Stone family has 500 Angus cows on a ranch that includes varied range land, irrigated pastures, and row crops.  Marketed as 100% Natural, grass-fed, the family sells a variety of beef products. According to their website, the Stones also offer a variety of tours where visitors can experience the ranch with a heavy emphasis on the Ecosystem. Sounds like a pretty cool experience.

Just like the previously featured McDonald’s commercials, it’s awful neat to see positive agriculture stories like these worked into commercial television slots. Gives non-agriculture consumers a good connection to farmers and ranchers.

My family has used ATVs on our ranches for several years. The 4-wheelers just make it easier to get around pastures quickly, follow rough terrain on fence lines, and cover ground that a pickup can’t but quicker than on horseback. Cattle will become familiar with them just as any other means of transportation with a little imprinting and time.

I’ve been known to have a little too much fun on 4-wheelers from time to time. Like shattering my nose while checking cows in 2007. Or burying my wheels in a creek bed… But you won’t catch me flipping down pond banks or cutting doughnuts in the dirt roads. That’s my brother’s specialty.

Have you ever used ATVs on your place? Have any interesting stories to share?


  1. My cowboy pretty much uses an ATV every day. He manages a very rocky 10,000 acre cattle ranch in New Mexico and the only way to get around parts of it are horseback or ATV. Recently he had a wooden bridge give way with him on the ATV on top of it. He had to balance the darn thing on two wheels to keep from falling, and figure out a way to tie it to a tree so he could get off without breaking bones. Did I mention he’s all alone out there? Time for a satellite phone, methinks…

  2. We use several 4-Wheelers and have a Ranger. During calving and in the summer none of them sit idol very long. The Ranger has been a great addition to the “herd.” Much nicer than sitting behind the Rancher on the 4-Wheeler!

    It would be impossible to cover the land and make the tracks we do in a day’s time with out ATVs.

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