Well so far I am 2-0-1 on hockey games attended (better than my uncle can say!) Although I shouldn’t really rag him too hard, because he is the one that introduced me to the NHL world… But at least the Preds gain points every time I make it to a game.

Saturday I watched the Preds take on the Flyers in Bridgestone Arena. Too bad I’m a Preds fan first, because I really like the Flyers’ Orange (I bleed orange, Go Pokes!). After sitting on the glass and above the Goal Zone, I think I like the higher seats better so I can watch the entire game. That said, I wouldn’t turn down seats on the glass for the excitement of being that close. Either way, I find hockey a pretty exciting sport to watch live. Combine the energy of the crowd, the cold temps from the ice, and players throwing the opposition against the glass, and it’s a fun time.

Here’s the recap of the game. Preds win 4-2, extend their streak to 5 wins! I forgot my No.20 shirt to support my favorite player Ryan Suter, but did find a No.12 shirt for Mike Fisher (Mr Carrie Underwood).

My highlights of the game?

  • During a score review in the 1st period, someone threw a whole catfish onto the ice (Still trying to figure that one out)
  • This photo… Ryan Ellis #49 of the Nashville Predators checks Wayne Simmonds #17 the Philadelphia Flyers off the puck during an NHL game at the Bridgestone Arena on January 14, 2012 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by John Russell/NHLI via Getty Images)… He went flat on the ice.
  • Fisher scored an empty netter in the last minute of the game. My first to see.
  • My first game with the Preds winning in regulation and scoring 4 points.
  • Front row seats, on the upper deck, behind home net, with all you can eat hot dogs, popcorn, peanuts, and drinks!
  • We were sitting in the right spot to see Carrie Underwood’s box and she came out to cheer when Fisher scored. Scott caught a look at her. I was too busy looking at the players. Probably a good thing. I wouldn’t be nice if I ran into her.

Thanks to my uncle’s awesome friends who helped me get tickets, and we didn’t have to bargin with scalpers despite waiting til the last minute on a sold out game. I’ll be returning for another game on February 4th after NCBA when the Preds take on the St Louis Blues. So if any one wants to stay Saturday after convention, let me know and we can try to get tickets together and cheaper. I even have a couch and room for air mattresses so you won’t have to get a hotel.

If you ever get a chance, cross the Pedestrian Bridge and take a gander of downtown Nashville at night from above the Cumberland River. Truly an awesome sight to take in.

Smashville! I’m told it’s a great home-ice atmosphere in the Hockey world. Especially with the crowd decked out in Predator Gold. This season the games are averaging a 97% capacity crowd for home games.