I made it to Smashville (Bridgestone Arena for those who haven’t been to NashVegas) again this weekend to see the Nashville Predators take on the St Louis Blues. For the Montreal game we had 4th row seats, but for this game we were in the 300-level behind the home goal. This time I was wearing my lucky socks and my No.20 Ryan Suter shirt. The Preds won 2-1 in an overtime shoot out, on the 3rd shot.


The game started out rough for the Preds. We were down 2-14 in shots after the 1st Period. With 1:05 left in the 2nd the Blues gave Preds fans a scare with a shot that some how, miraculously managed to miss the net. There wasn’t a score til half way through the 3rd when Weber and Fisher had the assist to Erat for the goal at 12:32. The Blues answered back with a goal at 16:08 in the 3rd and we went into overtime, tied up at 1. Somewhere in there Pekka Rinne almost knocked the dang puck in for a Blues score, but by some miracle it didn’t go in (I think it was the crowd’s gasp that pulled the puck back). ¬†The Preds still had a player in the Penalty Box for :30 going into overtime. No shots made it to the goal in sudden death and we were sent to a shoot out where Legwand made it around the Blues goaltender, Halak on the final shot. The Preds ended up outshot 20-40, gave the Blues 6 chances for Power Play, but still found a way to win (Game Summary). I was told that was the kind of game that makes hockey worth watching.

Position of Weber's Trick Shot

This past week, Shea Weber made a pretty cool trick shot that made a video highlight on the NHL site. Weber took the 300-level stands of the goal zone, with Country Music Artist Dierks Bentley looking on, he made a shot for the opposite end of the ice, and the puck easily made it to the net. While at the game, I got to see that POV and even snatch a photo with Weber’s poster. Not as good as meeting in person, but still pretty cool.

Tomorrow I’ll share a few thoughts on becoming a hockey fan. Canadians go easy on me. I may have to add a new blog category for my hockey posts.