Well I’ve had a busy week and a million things on my mind.

Last week I began work with the Dairy here at the Research Station. I have a good month ahead of me in the “teat puller” (a.k.a. milk transfer engineer) business, but will be doing much more than milking cows. It’s a little different being on the udder side of cattle production. I’ll be helping with calving out a few cows and breeding work as we move into December. This ought to be a good learning experience for a guy who’s never stepped foot into a dairy.

This work gets me excited about future work on my Master’s degree! Looking forward to it!

This weekend I made an early trip home to Arkansas, Melissa cooked an awesome meal of t-bone steaks and all the fixins for an early Thanksgiving with both sets of grandparents. It was nice to have all the brothers and sisters in the house at one time. I have a feeling we’re moving into that stage where it will be difficult for everyone to get together at once.

With each passing day at work, I learn a few more tips that are important:

  • With each scoop of feed in the afternoon, I learn to be more accurate when feeding with the wagon.
  • My inability to say “no” when asked to help finish up some tasks results in a 12-hour work day for me when everyone else gets off at 8 hours.
  • Loyalty is a quality many people overlook or forget about. I think they need to spend more time with their dogs, then the world would be a better place.
  • Speaking of Loyalty, I am so proud to see Cowboy Nation stick together. Oklahoma State fans have been loyal for years as their football program has been mediocre. This year it paid off, we made it to 10-0. Even after we lost at Iowa State, chatter on Social Media was still positive, and many Pokes turned to remember the Women’s Basketball coaches lost in an Arkansas plane wreck.
  • The BCS loves the SEC this week. 1. 2. 3. LSU, Bama, Arkansas! Friday and Saturday should be interesting for football fans. Geaux Hogs! (Oklahoma State falls to No.4!)
  • Jerseys are stubborn fools. Holsteins wrote the book when it comes to putting your head down and crowding into a corner. And yes milk cows do climb through, jump over fences.
  • Sun Drop is awesome. And I found the crossroads of Minnie Pearl Parkway, Turkey Corner, and Happy Hallow. Gotta love Tennessee.