Kentucky Bourbon Trail: Wild Turkey

After my trip to the Jack Daniel Distillery in South Tennessee last month, it only makes sense that I visit a Bourbon Distillery on my Trip to Kentucky, right? Well, turns out Kentucky has an entire Bourbon Trail. This may require more than one afternoon to discover all of the good things Kentucky has to offer…

I think bourbon and whiskey distilleries are pretty darn cool. I’m just looking for a chance to learn more about the grain process and the cattle feed end of things (Hint, hint! anyone out there?). Any how, Wild Turkey just finished a brand new distillery (largest bourbon distillery in Kentucky) on the banks of the Kentucky River. The distillery produces 240 barrels a day (Mon-Fri) which one guy fills, seals, and stamps each day thanks to modern technology. We didn’t get a chance to actually go into the barrel houses (FAIL, apparently Saturdays are not a good day to go if you’re looking for a good tour), but we did get to take photos of everything (unlike the Jack tour).

Wild Turkey is actually bottled in Fort Smith, Arkansas (had no idea bout that) and is owned by the same company as Skyy Vodka