What did you do to make money today?

Kind of an interesting thought to look at. Not what did you do to save money today, rather what did you do to make money?

Not my normal post, but a thought worth considering. When I sat back to think about this question, most of the things I do on the ranch are to either a) save money by preventing mishaps down the road, or b) make money by doing things as part of a process which will not complete until the calf crop is weaned and marketed.

Kinda puts things on a different scale when a farmer or rancher only has a few pay days each year. The fence I fixed today will keep cattle from wondering onto the road, saving me money from a vehicle accident. Checking cows today saved me money by looking for health or nutritional problems that could have needed treatment. Cleaning pastures with a brush hog probably made me money by promoting growth of desired forages. Feeding cattle for the morning chores probably made me money from the gains, but I won’t see this until the cattle are sold.

But in reality, with all of the work I did today, I will see no immediate return until the crop is in. All this work in hopes of a return several months down the road. It all depends on the weather, markets, and consumer buying power. Talk about Faith… Good thing I love my job.

Pretty sure these feelings are not restricted to Agriculture. What did you do to make (vs. save) money today?