The trusty boot/duffle bag that follows me everywhere!

Taking off for a week long trip to Colorado Springs in the morning. An 8:00 flight out of Little Rock, an hour-long stop in Phoenix, a two-hour shuttle ride from Denver to Colorado Springs, a 30 minute drive, and I should find myself on a ranch in the Chico Basin of Central Colorado. It ought to provide a good view of Front Range of the Rockies and an awesome view of the Colorado landscape.
Not 100% sure what’s in-store for my trip, other than I expect to do a lil work on the ranch. It’s sort of a working interview situation with the ranch. I won’t complain, I’ll be ready for anything. It’ll be nice to get away from the heat and humidity and see morning temps in the 50s!
One thing is for sure, my lap top will be at home. My sister lent me her extra memory card, so I should have plenty of room for photos on the trip. I have a note pad and paper, so I’ll be ready to jot down a blog post if I need it. I’m turning off all text notifications for my phone, and hopefully it’ll be a peaceful break from the social media world (withdrawals expected).
We’ll have to see how things go. I’m taking a few new books to read because I’ll have a few hours between my shuttle arrival at Denver and my departure, then a 3 hour layover in Houston on my way back Saturday. Expect plenty of photos when I return! It’s gonna be an awesome week!