It’s not where you’ve been, son, It’s what you understand. Do you know the right from wrong, Tell me, boy, are you an honest man… Lyrics Ryan Bingham

Pistol kinda enjoys taking a ride in the pickup. One afternoon last week I left her at the house while I went to jump on the brush hog. I got a call not 10 minutes later from my coworker saying she was spotted on her way to the ranch, two miles down the road. She didn’t just take the straight path to the ranch, she followed the county road; the exact path we take in the pickup everyday. I went back to the pickup and found her trottin up the driveway like that’s where she was supposed to be…. Now that’s what you call a dedicated worker. (I thought it was kinda awesome.)

Well, now Pistol and I will be doing some traveling of a different kind. Today’s my last day at the ranch here in Southern Arkansas. As a friend put it nicely, I’m “between jobs.” Just waiting to find what that next job will be. Things haven’t worked here as planned, but in life we take risks. Sometimes those risks pay off, other times God has another plan for us. I’m looking forward to what my future brings.

So yes, I am looking for a job. I prefer to be on the ranch, somewhere I can build and expand my skills in cattle production, and keep on learning. I’m not afraid to travel, actually I look forward to working in new environments. Ranching and raising cattle is my passion, but I also look for an opportunity to continue sharing my experiences in agriculture. I would love opportunities to work with Ag producers. This might even come about in more speaking opportunities. I’d love to travel and share my thoughts and ideas. I possess a strong work ethic and an eagerness to learn more about agriculture. I work well as part of a team, but prefer not to live in the middle of a large city if possible. My mechanical skills are not my strong suit, but am willing and eager to learn the tools of the trade.  If you know of anything, send me a message ( I can shoot you an email with my resume or even schedule a call if needed.

In the next few weeks, my dad is gracious enough to let me stay with him and help him catch up on some cleaning and maintenance work around the barn. This ought to work out well between trips to Nashville, Tennessee and Colorado! In the meantime, my posts may become a little sporadic, but I promise to continue sharing my adventures.