Happy Independence Day everyone! I’m not on the ranch this week *gasp*, I’m actually on a trip with the family to Branson, Missouri. I’m pretty sure there’s more shows and attractions in this Ozarks town than any other place on earth. It’s not but maybe once a year when my dad volunteers to take a couple of days off work, so I’m taking advantage of the excuse to act like a kid again and pester all four of my brothers and sisters. Stay tuned for photos.

What does Independence Day mean to you? When I think about it, I think of our Nation’s heritage, and the values our country’s founders had in mind when they wrote our Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. Sometimes I wonder where those values have gone over the last 235 years.

One of my fondest 4th of July memories, wasn’t even spent with an American. Well, there were plenty of Wyoming folk there, but I had the opportunity to run in a Pony Express ride and the Ten Sleep parade with Katy Jane, who happens to be from England (and here I thought we had freed ourselves from the British?!?).

The lil town of Hyattville is nestled at the foot of the Big Horns, and down a lil dirt road is the town of Ten Sleep. Both towns with great histories and heritage in the ranching business. Each year the towns have great 4th of July celebrations which include a reenactment of the Pony Express ride between the two towns, a parade, and rodeo. I had the opportunity to ride a mile in the Pony Express route, carrying the mail bag, handoff and everything. So much great food and such a great time with the locals. It’s great to see this country’s heritage being kept alive. I won’t be there for this year’s parade, but Katy Jane gets to ride again. I might be a lil jealous. Rather than just talking all about it, I’ll just share a few photos.

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In the handoff photo, Katy Jane is tellin me to “get to runnin” as she hands me the mail bag. In the parade as we passed the announcer’s booth, they introduced the Pony Express riders by saying “We have a few international riders this year, one from England and another from some foreign place called Arkansas”

How do you celebrate our Independence Day?