Some say it’s a Southern Icon, some have never heard of it. It’s only the best late night franchise dinner. Waffle House. If you haven’t eaten in one lately you are missing out. Obviously in this town of 300 we have lil more than a gas station, but  I did have the chance to make a trip to town this weekend, so obviously stopped for breakfast.

Waffle House, founded in an Atlanta Suburb in 1955, is your family dinner, where the wait staff hollers out your order and you can watch the cooks at the grill from any seat in the house. The place never closes (so why do they still have locks on the doors?) and breakfast is served 24/7. Come to think of it, I can’t recall ever ordering anything but breakfast. Waffle Houses are found in 25 states, mostly Southern, and are usually close to busy highways. Some claim it’s too greasy, others just don’t like the food. I say great, more for me. You’ll find many people who also lay sintimental claim to Waffle House as well. I know I spent many, many late nights there in college, and my mom would take my brothers and I there for breakfast before school every Friday morning. Sometimes it’s great to just go and grab a cup of coffee around midnight for the entertainment value.

Other than waffles, WH is also pretty well known for its hashbrowns and coffee. Since 1955 WH has served 877,388,027 Waffles,  1,800,286,157 Hashbrown Orders, and 1,289,801,887 Cups of Coffee. That’s a lot of food from farmers and ranchers. WH is also a huge marketer of steaks, specifically T-bones, selling 134,842,441 since 1955.

Everyone has their own way to order up hasbrowns at a Waffle House. My favorite is Scattered, Smothered, Covered. For those not fluent in Waffle-House-ese that’s scattered on the grill with onions and cheese.

Don’t think I missed any, but if I did, let me know and I’ll add em. And yes, you can find Waffle House on Facebook and Twitter. Are you a WH Regular?