Hay season is well under way, and with any luck we should finish up with another week of cutting, raking, and baling. However, some rain is in the forecast this week so we’ll gladly take a break for the pastures to get some moisture.

In the video above I walk ya through one of the mowers we use (actually the one that recently bought it’s ticket to the junk yard), our grass pastures, and talk a lil about putting up hay for the winter. As the summer progresses, I’ll make a few more videos like this so you can have a visual of what we’re doing out here on the ranch.

Be sure and leave a comment and let me know what you think. If I get good feed back, I might try to add a few more videos like this more often. How’s hay season in your area? I know the weather patterns haven’t been “normal” but are they acting in favor or against ya this year?