Not quite Larry, Curly, and Moe, but I would say they each come with unique personalities. In the last month or so I have been busy shopping for horses and have some how ended up with not two, but three blaze-faced, bay cow horses. Katie, Blaze, and Grullo. We’re real original with names in these parts. Just be glad I don’t have them numbered.

Katie Page, the horse I’ve had since I was a Freshman in college went lame and after a vet call and some x-rays, we’ve found out she has navicular problems. The navicular is a bone in the foot that holds ligaments and some nerves in place. Katie’s navicular bone in both front feet have grown cysts and it causes her pain to be ridden. Doc said she had a low prognosis of recovery and would likely not be sound for working. So Katie will end up a pasture pony and I might get a few foals out of her, but that has yet to be determined. So that is what put me out horse shopping.

A very good buddy of mine fixed me up with a couple good ranch bred horses in a 2-for-1 deal, so now I have three. A ten-year old grullo, well broke horse, and a 5-year old “we’re still getting started”, bay horse. The grullo horse is great to work with and we have already been out checking and moving cows this past week. The younger, bay horse has good manners about him and has great potential. I have been doing lots of ground work with him and saddled him up for the first time last week. Not sure if it was the first time jitters, but he seemed pretty confident, so I went ahead and sat on the saddle. He wasn’t quite sure what to do, but once we started stepping we made a few effortless walks around the arena. Can’t wait to see what this horse has in store for me.

I’ll sure miss having Katie around everyday. She’s like a big ole dog, makes all the rough days brighter, and is always willing to do anything I ask, but I have to look on to my new adventures. There always something to the challenge of a fresh horse. I find it interesting to wind up with three horses very similar in markings and color. Just coincidence or is there something to it?

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Horse Color Facts


  • Grullo is a variation a dun color gene in horses
    • It is mouse or smokey color. Not gray. Not roan.
    • Less than 0.7% of Quarter Horses are grullo in color
  • By contrast, Bay is one of the most common colors in horses
    • Characterized by black color on the extremeties (ears, legs, tail, etc.)
  • A Blaze is considered a wide white strip down the face