It’s been a busy week around the ranch. I’m down to just one more herd with Spring vaccinations. All of my bulls, except two stubborn headed things, are turned out with the cow herds, and I’ve been working quite a bit with my new horse. Got on him for the first time the other day and walked him around the arena. No bucks. Either a sign of good ground work by me, or he’s waiting for the second ride. Wait and see. Wait and see.

Today I want to turn the table on my readers. I always write about how much I love ranch life and how passionate I am about raising cattle, but I want to know about you. What fuels your passion?

So many people go to work behind a desk, in a office, go home to their family, and use their off-time to pursue different passions. In some ways, I feel you are so lucky to be able to have a separation between work and home life. You may not be able to shut work out, but at least you have a getaway.

As for myself, I feel so danged lucky to have opportunities to pursue my passions and dreams, and have the opportunity to do this on a daily basis. Ranch life is my passion. This is why I don’t consider myself a “cowboy.” In my mind a cowboy is the guy we hire to help move cattle around the place, gather em for workings and weanings, and then he goes home to rodeo with his buddies. For me, I want to know more than how to handle cattle. I want to learn about their nutrition, reproduction, marketing, industry trends, and everything else that raising cattle can consume.

I work to share my story about ranch life, not because I want to convert everyone to rural life (there’s a Chris LeDoux song about that), but because I want to share with everyone the things I am so passionate about.

SO, I turn the tables today, and I want to hear from you. No matter what your passion may be (including non-ag subjects), What fuels your passion?

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