Pistol has been getting along great at the ranch lately. Spring has come and with it calving season. She loves to ride around in the pickup checking cows and whimpers every time we pass some calves running in the pasture. She wants so bad to jump out and round em up, but there’ll be none of that unless it’s planned…

She just can’t stand to miss out on a day of checking cows

My dog’s not only a great companion out here on the ranch where I spend most of my days to myself, but she’s also a great teacher. Whether I am teaching cattle handling to someone new to ranching, or working with my new project horses, I have found I have so much more patience.

It’s a “Where’s Pistol” version of an old game. I’ve never seen a dog so attached to riding in the bed of a pickup

Gotta admit, I’ve not always been the most patient of people. “Let’s get it done right, and get it done right now.” But working with this very timid border collie pup, I have somehow learned a lil patience along the way. I notice this in the little things. Like not getting near as excited when things go awry in the corral on cattle working day, working with some unfamiliar horses who are all jazzed up, and even while explaining new situations to some help new to ranching.

New Project Horse!

Patience is learned, be it slowly sometimes, and I think I have Pistol to thank for much of my recent learning. Man’s best friend is indeed sometimes his best teacher.