This’ll be almost a Wordless Wednesday post, but it deserves an explanation…

I was driving along checking fences in an empty pasture so we can sort some cattle later in the week and have a place to go with them. Well, safe to say that I really was only half watching where I was going. In my defense there was only 3 to 4 inches of water on top of the mud. It was the mud that was a couple of feet deep.

Before everything was said and done, I was barefoot, had some fallen trees across the creek to walk on, and was still at least knee deep in mud. But, and this is why I require nothing larger than a 250 4-wheeler to check cows/fences, I managed to lift the 4-wheeler enough to place some logs under the tires to create a solid runway. I lifted the front end, which was buried up to the rack, and pushed the gas. The stubborn part of me wasn’t calling for help.

Now I know what my boss was talking about when he said there are places around here to bog down a horse. Or even a 4-wheeler for that matter… Just another day in ranch life!