Whether you call it H1N1 or the Flu, I would rather refer to it as “Hog Fever.” Come to think of it the same thing hit me about the same time last year. (My how time flies!) I think it really is just withdrawals from Razorback football. And I’m pretty sure there was snow on the ground this same exact time last year as well… So how long until September rolls around?

I tried my best to work through the flu this time around. Finished all of my chores on Wednesday (with a few breathers in between) but finally broke down and went to the doctor when I could not even make it through lunch. I want so bad to be back outside, but the minute I get up and start doing something, I’m worn out and back on the couch. So what do I do with my days stuck inside on the couch? Take plenty of meds, take frequent naps, and catch-up on television. Look at it this way. Now I can get this flu thing over with and be well rested up when calving season starts this coming week! (You gotta think of the glass as half-full!)

Oh and I have been catching up on my postcard project. In case you have not been keeping up, you should really see my “Stamps, States, and AgFacts” page. I have a goal to get a postcard and learn about Agriculture from every state. I am getting quite a collection, but it’s pretty exciting every time I go to the mailbox. My letter carrier probably thinks I am crazy. But with only 18 states covered so far, I still have a ways to go. Even if I do have a postcard from a state, there are still plenty of AgFacts out there to learn.

Today I received two cards from Ten Sleep, Wyoming and it made my afternoon! Just seeing that post mark from Ten Sleep took me back to the day Katy Jane and I rode in the Pony Express. “Two International Riders,” they called us, “One from France and one from some foreign place called Arkansas.” It still brings a lil chuckle when I got back to that day. You’ll have to go back and read the entry for yourself. Made it around that Wyoming red dirt road all in one piece only to have an adventure pushing a bull out of a thicket, jumping sloughs, and getting drug off my horse that same week. Haha, oh I loved that summer!

Thinking back to great memories in the middle of Summer sure do warm me up. But now I turn around and see three inches of snow on the back patio. Will my journey ever lead me back to that red dirt of Wyoming? How long until warmer weather?