“There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home.” Haha, home is not Oz, nor is this Kansas any more. Despite living 2 hours from my stomping grounds, I still feel like anywhere in Arkansas is home compared to living in Texas or Wyoming. Just being around all of the trees, hills, and cattle pastures gives me that “Ahhh” feeling again.

I went home for church with the family on Sunday and downtown Little Rock is on the route. Sunday morning I was passing through just as the sun was peaking over the trees and the view was unexplainable. Driving from the South, the drive is through Pine trees, hills, and cattle pastures, and as soon as you come around a bend, you find yourself in the middle of downtown Little Rock. It amazes me how one can be in the middle of the country side one minute and the next be in sight of the State Capital building. (Of course this is one of those minutes where I could have hurt myself for not having a camera.)

Skyline of downtown Little Rock on the Arkansas River. Courtesy of the Convention and Visitors Bureau.

I am sure this will be the first of many times where I am reminded how blessed I am to be a part of Agriculture. To live in a place where I can be surrounded by awe inspiring sunsets, forests, and pastures, and only be within minutes of town, yet still so far away.

Sunset on the Ranch. Photo by Anna Lisa Giannini.

I am blessed to have this solitude and the freedom to do what I love most for a living. At the same time, knowing my work helps to feed people around the globe. Thank you to all of the farmers and ranchers that make this possible.