You know I’ve been livin life out on the road
These past five years have taken their toll
Been travelin these cowtrails and dusty ole road
Just to see what’s out there, just bearin my load

My passion has led me to places without rain
From the desert southwest on the dusty High Plain
There’s nothing quite like holding tight to that rein
Ignoring that fall that could end up in pain

I’ve seen mountain peaks high and rivers so low
An ole Southern boy, had never seen July snow
That Brit Mrs. Clark, she’ll make quite a show
Where she comes up with that stuff, I’ll never know

On that July day I rode the Pony Express
Long ago seemed all that great stress
of college exams and those dreaded long tests
I traded it all on my ticket straight West

For years I’ve seen great friends come and go
Losing my mother seems not long ago
Sometimes this life is a hard john boat to row
But I’ve got to remember, I reap what I sow

Now I’ve found this great circle is quite round
Cause the truck’s loaded up and we’re homeward bound
Listen real close and you might hear the sound
Of cows bawling low on the ranch where I’m found

After all of my travels, there’ll be no regret
All of these great sights, I’ll soon not forget
Where my passion will lead, I’m willing to bet
At home on the ranch, you’ll find my goal set