Finally had a chance to enjoy a day on my short Christmas break by helping my dad around the auction barn. The barn has been a busy place while rebuilding and adding on to our barn. Arkansas is also in the middle of a good dry year, more than 15″ below normal annual rainfall, so we are taking advantage of the dry pens and doing some much needed cleaning.

We had to bring the tractor to town today and all of our trucks happened to be tied up. Instead of waiting, dad decided to take the 30 extra minutes and just drive the tractor while I followed in the old one-ton. We gathered a good crowd of last minute Christmas shoppers, but with a little patience, we were out of their way.

Yep, it's Kubota Orange. I like to think of it as Oklahoma State Orange.

I posted a tweet as we were trotting along at 15mph today (over-look the spelling errors from my phone!):

Then I received this reply from @TheRusticChick: (notice this #farm tweet also came from a mobile phone *technology and the farm*)

After reading Hannah’s reply, it really made me sit and think (Well, as much as possible while following a big orange tractor…) about how much I love where I was raised. I am so thankful for my raising here in rural Arkansas. Every time I come up on a tractor in the road, I try to notice what is going on. If its a dirt mover, did I see a construction site back there? If the tractor is pulling hay equipment in the summer, I immediately look for who is cutting hay. Or if it is harvest season, I am looking for which crop is coming out of the field. It is not always as simple as Craig Morgan’s International Harvester, but it is amusing to see the crowd we draw behind us.

What sights and sounds remind you of being home? Have any interesting stories about farm equipment trailing down the highway?