Any day is a great day to Thank a Farmer. Farmers and Ranchers work to produce the food that is on your plate every time you sit down to eat. These are the people that work hard every day of the year, in ever sort of weather, and even on holidays and weekends to make sure there is food for your plate.

Some Farmers and Ranchers work to serve a local niche and cater to the wants and needs of the local markets. Others work to fill the needs of national markets. Feeding the world requires the work and dedication of each and every Farmer and Rancher.

Here are some interesting Ag Facts about Food Production:

Did you know?

-Pastures, maintained primarily by cattle ranchers, provide habitat for 75% of America’s wildlife.

-Beef cattle consume just 5% of the world’s total grain production, and they account for less than 3% of the world’s global greenhouse gas emissions.

-There are 8 nanograms of estrogen found in an untreated steer; there are 11 nanograms in an implanted steer.

-Peas contain 2,000 nanograms of estrogen, soybean oil has a whopping 1 million nanograms, and one birth control pill has the same amount of estrogen as 125,000 lbs. of beef from an implanted steer.

-While Americans have a million choices about the foods they eat, 23,000 African children die each day from starvation and malnutrition.

-U.S. capita consumption of sugar is 150 lbs. each year. Saturated fat does not cause heart disease. Studies show that refined carbohydrates like sugars are a major risk factor for high cholesterol, heart problems and diabetes.

-Half the fatty acids in lean beef are monounsaturated, the same heart-healthy type found in olive oil.

via Ag Facts: Cattle, Corn, Greenhouse Gases, Hormones, Heart Disease | Beef Daily.

Want to share your appreciation for the hard work of Farmers and Ranchers out there? Here are some ideas:

  • Visit a local farm or ranch, learn about the methods of production and how your food gets from field to plate.
  • Write about your appreciation through a blog, in the form of a letter to the editor of a local publication, or contact a farmer or rancher to thank them personally.
  • Use social media to share the message. Join the Facebook group Thank A Farmer to share your appreciation. Use the Twitter tags #thankafarmer #thankarancher #foodthanks #agproud

There are so many things year round for which to Thank a Farmer or Rancher, but this Holiday Season is an especially great opportunity to show your gratitude.

Join the I am Agriculture Proud Facebook group on Facebook to network with many Farmers and Ranchers online or join the #AgChat Twitter conversation on Tuesday nights. Both are great opportunities to learn more about from where your food comes.