Not as catchy as Skip or Spot, but when I picked her up in Stillwater for my birthday this year, the name just seemed to fit. Now that I have “Pistol”, the next step is to find “Pete.” Maybe my Oklahoma State fans are the only ones who will get it?

Since Pistol is bred to be a working cow-dog, life in town is not quite ideal for her as a pup. So I try my best to take her to the lake outside of town and we make the 7-mile trip around the trails.

Pistol as a pup. Take a good look. I can never get her to sit still this long for a picture.

I asked for a timid dog, and a timid dog is exactly what I got. She hates to sit in the seat of the truck, but is perfectly content to sit in the floor and move at even the slightest hint of a camera.
There are many geese and ducks that fly into Dalhart for the winter. Pistol is scared when they are close then loves to scare them and watch them fly off the water. Pretty cool sight up close.

Pistol is investigating “Prairie Dog Town” along the way. She found no playmates there. Oh turns out all the smoke in the background was from a couple of crop circles and corrals that got out of hand. It wasn’t long after this she walked into a briar patch, yelped, and looked at me with a sad pup face as she help up a foot.  
As the 7-mile trail wore on, I must admit that my dog was out pacing me. She would whine and run back to me when I wouldn’t keep up the pace. Great motivation for exercise if you ask me.
When we reached the final split in the road, Pistol got confused. She wanted to take the high road to the left, but we ended up on the right.

I’ll try to post more photos of my adventures with a young cattle dog? Do ya have any material I can read up on training a great cattle dog? I’d love for em to be sent my way! I can’t wait to get Pistol out on the pasture to see what she can do. But more on that later….