Today I experienced my first taste of winter in the Texas Panhandle. The weather forecasters have been calling for it all week and I woke up to snow this morning. I have been up at 3:30 every day this week, so to say I was just thrilled to wake up to a cold rain and snow, might be a stretch of the imagination. But as luck would have it, I got to sleep in til 5 this morning then drive to work in a blinding snow.

Just enough snow to make me long for the return of summer already.

Dalhart really missed the target again and the bulls-eye for snow and rain was more south and east toward Amarillo. Funny that, because everything in Texas is South and East of here. Not kidding either. Look at a map if you don’t believe me. I really shouldn’t complain. It was just enough rain to wash all of the dust from everything and not enough to make everything muddy.

The commodity clerk told me a new tale today. According to folklore, the day of the month of the first snow fall predicts the number of snow events for the winter season. Since today was the 12th day of the month and our first snowfall, there will be approximately 12 snowfall events this season. Last year the first snowfall in this area came around the end of the month and there were 20+ snowfall events in the winter season. Maybe there is something to this folklore? How about we have our first snowfall event on the 1st of the month? Is anyone else game for this plan? I am!

Not only did the temps struggle to warm into the 40s today, but the North wind never let up. The newly arrived cattle from South Texas were not too thrilled about their new home in an igloo. Just wait, they’ll be more than happy once they have their bellies full of good hay and feed.

Tomorrow I get to do it all again. Up before 4, at work weighing cattle before sun-up. Luckily there should be no snow this time, but with temps in the 20s and wind a given, I’ll have those Carhartt bibs hanging and warmed up tonight!

No matter the weather, we cattlemen get out to brave the elements and care for the cattle in our possession. How’s the weather in your neck of the woods? Has Old Man Winter come to visit your place yet?