Wordless Wednesday: What a Day on the Farm!

How did the Farmer get to his field on the other side of the river? He crossed the river...


There might be a lil delay in this combine making it to the field


Someone called this scene in for deer baiting. Another reason to always check the pin on your receiving hitch.

via What a Day!.

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  1. Ouch! Let’s see, I could run out and take a picture of the corner of our old garage where I tagged it with the back snout of the bean head this fall! BUT I AM NOT!!!! UGH! I was actually on the radio with my husband discussing why he thought he needed a fork to eat his brownie. One of those priceless husband/wife moments that will gain humor with years~wasn’t too funny at the time, but they fixed the platform in about an hour. Shew!

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