Quite an interesting thought. A person from the city, who studies to be an opera singer, marries a cowboy. That is a short description of how Caryl Velisek found her way into the cattle business. After growing up in urban areas, Caryl married Augie and the two got the brilliant idea to jump into the cattle business. Through some hard work and determination, the two worked through several obstacles and spent a life time working with some of the best show cattle in the nation. Sounds like quite an adventure for a city gal.

Caryl took the time to sit down and write about her life in the cattle business. Her book, “I Studied to be an Opera Singer but Married a Cowboy, takes readers on a journey through her eyes. Decades of working with show cattle, traveling across the country, and meeting all sorts of cattle producers barely scratches the surface of the stories included in her book. Caryl writes her stories in a first-person format that is sure to keep your attention through all of her adventure and mishaps in the cattle circuit.

This book is an easy one to recommend if you’re looking to learn more about life in the cattle business in the 1900s through the eyes of someone who was there. Caryl is now an Agnews journalist in Maryland, staying involved in the cattle industry, and working to share the stories that come along with the lifestyle.

So if you’re looking for an interesting read this Fall or maybe a gift for someone, you might want to check this book out. ThankĀ  you Caryl for sharing your great story with us.