Where has summer gone? Tonight will mark the beginning of fall and a special Harvest moon. (Read about that on my AgProud blog!) I am in Stillwater, Oklahoma this week talking to possible feedyard recruits at Oklahoma State University. It is a rather weird experience to be on the other side of the table. Last night I talked to the Block and Bridle club about our company. A lil nerve racking considering I had never given that presentation before, but I have given many presentations in that exact room, so that helped some.

Random. Found on the inside of the elevator at the Hampton Inn. I’m still looking for the “baa baa there”…

We ate supper at the Rancher’s Club, a student-operated hotel and restaurant on campus. We arrived shortly after 8 and ordered 21-day aged steaks. Our waitress came back in a few minutes to tell us we could not have them because the only chef that was allowed to cut the steaks had left for the night. What the HECK? This is Career Fair Week on the OKState campus. Many company representatives will be on campus and many of them will eat at the Rancher’s Club, but they don’t bother to serve us the good steaks? Why do they only have one chef “allowed” to cut the steaks?

We told the waitress to bring the meat out and we could cut it. Of course it was not her fault. Don’t shoot the messenger. We explained that we were cattle feeders, so we know our beef. Haha, fun times. This conversation led to our waitresses prior involvement in FFA activities and her visits to some rodeos. It is interesting where you will find people that have small connections to Ag, who are not directly involved in Ag Production. Even a waitress, MBA grad student has some small connection with Ag. Maybe she walked away with a better view of the people who feed cattle and raise the beef she serves nightly.

Share with me an example of making an unexpected Ag connection with someone. Did you take the opportunity to share to useful facts?