Silage harvest is in full swing here in the Panhandle and thankfully the silage pits at our feedyard are just about full. My sinuses are really not liking the situation, not to mention the fact we have had a few hundred silage trucks coming in and out of the yard everyday.

Finally covering the corn silage pit at the feedyard. This silage will later be used as a high-energy, highly digestable ingredient in our rations.

Lauren Ransom, from Four Ransoms and a Farm blog, shared with me these photos of her lil 8th generation farmer. Lauren says this lil guy gets excited every time he sees daddy coming his way in the combine.

Keeping the family heritage alive by passing knowledge through the generations is very important to today’s farmers. How is Harvest 2010 going in your area? Do you have photos to share? Please send them to me to share in future posts,