This week I’m going to share a few photos that have great stories behind them. But instead of telling the whole story, I’ll just share a lil tid bit.

These first two photos are from Kristine Keil who was raised on a 3rd generation corn, soybean, and wheat farm in Iowa.

My dad's boots and hat on my parent's back porch. I took this picture for my dad, but realized it represents more than just my dad. It represents all the pioneers before him who had the same necessities they needed while working the land and working the range. I dedicate it to the not-forgotten cowboy. - Kristine
Wind Turbines after an Iowa storm at my parent's farm. Windmills are popping up EVERYWHERE in Iowa and are an important part of our nation. I believe other people need to see what Iowa's landscape looks like and the conditions we live in to be able to feed them. - Kristine
This photo is from my friend Katy-Jane in Wyoming. Coming down from the mountains over looking the Basin. On a clear day you can see the mountains that are 100 miles across the Basin. One of the coolest sights you'll ever see after a long day's ride.

Do you have some photos that have a great story behind them? Share your photos and see many more like these on the I am Agriculture Proud Facebook group or email them to me and I will share them on future posts.