Cowboy Poetry and Humor

Need a little reminder of the bright side of life? I am sure you could use a little modern day cowboy poetry. Large Animal Vet, Baxter Black, is great at telling stories of ranch life and shaping his words with lyrical humor. I always love listening to clips of his stories and watching videos of his stuff. Mr. Black’s material is often found in industry publications and newspaper columns. Enjoy this video and have a GREAT Friday and Labor Day Weekend!

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  1. Great post Ryan,

    I have been a long time fan of Baxter have all of his books and own many DVDs. My hands down favorite is the “The Uterine Prolapse”. I don’t know how many prolapse cow you will had the chance to deal with, but I see about four a year and Baxter is the only person a know that can make the story that funny.

    1. Haha, yes Jim I loved it. Growing up on a ranch with about 1,000 cows I did get to see some prolapses. He puts the story into words with great humor. “They taught us that in Vet school, but I think it ate my hat!”

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