August is finally here! That means we’re on the downhill slope toward fall and only a few months away from Christmas. That thought might give you a lil relief from the heat that has been sent our direction this week. It going to be weird this month not having to return to classes for the first time in 17 years. But you won’t hear any complaints from me yet.

CBS News' Harry Smith has his go with a day in the life of a ranch hand

Last week I challenged you to be proactive in sharing the great stories of Agriculture by commenting on print, video, or radio stories and events about Ag. How did you do? Did you share your opinions, positive or negative, with the author behind the story or the organizer of the event? Was the feedback positive or negative? Did you remember or bother to make an effort?

If not, here is your opportunity. I have two news stories from the past week that connect with Agriculture, and I want ALL of you to have your try at leaving a comment.

The first is a video clip from CBS News. ( Early Show correspondent Harry Smith took a trip to a West Texas for a day in the life of a ranch hand. Mr. Smith shares his experience of saddling up, moving a few horses, branding young calves, and fixing fence. Normal everyday chores to many of us in production agriculture, however at the same time, foreign and interesting to those from urban backgrounds. Mr. Smith tells us how much he enjoyed his day on the ranch, now leave a comment with your response. If your response is positive, share the link, and invite him to hear your story. If your response is negative, please express it in respectful manner. Constructive criticism is much easier to receive.

The second is an editorial piece from the New York Times discussing the end of business for a New Hampshire family farm that began in 1632. ( The author expresses their opinion on family farms in America and how they fit into economics and trade today. How does this piece make you feel? Share your response in a blog post of your own (please leave a link on the AgProud page) or send the author a short response. Again let the negative responses be constructive criticism and they will be better received.

Here is your chance to be proactive in advocating for agriculture. No excuses. You have the links. It only takes a few minutes to write up a response. Let me know how you do. I know I’ll soon be leaving my responses.

Have an AgProud week and stay cool!
–Ryan Goodman