Working Cattle Dogs

“Man’s best friend can become a cowboy’s best hand.” It is always interesting to watch someone work their cattle with cow dogs. They handle them with the least amount of commotion and at an easy pace.

I’ve had a few dogs myself, but never one that was well trained. Do you use dogs on your place, or have you even seen some in action? What do you recommend is the best training method for a great cow working dog?

What do you think of using dogs to work livestock? Share your thoughts on the “I am Agriculture Proud” Facebook page. Hope you enjoyed the video.


  1. Ryan, thanks for sharing, I’m looking at the video and totally relating, I had a great Australian Shepard named Stitch, who was my best friend as far as a pet, but was also a great cattle dog when I raised registered Angus cattle on the farm. It is hard for people to understand, how happy a working dog is when he is herding animals. They are just at their happiest when knowing they are helping. Great memories, I’d have one in a minute for selfish reasons because they are so loveable, but alas I have nothing for them to herd, no open spaces in town, and I know that they have to run and work to be happy. Again, thanks for reminding me of good times.

  2. Have had border collies for years; working dogs are and will be invaluable for us, not only herding but protection. Before sheep,goats, pigs or calves hit the dirt there’ll be an Anatolian Shepherd and a border collie in place to help.
    A good working dog is invaluable.

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