Google “Real Life” and your results will include something about computer lingo and links to Christian ministries. When you change that search to “Real Housewives” you get results for television shows about housewives from New Jersey, Orange Beach, Atlanta, and even New York City. But this REAL Housewife will not be found in the house, or anywhere close to the Big City.

Kacee Thacker shows up these so called Housewives as she ventures out with her “Cowboy” helping with the everyday tasks on the ranch. There is no job too big or small for this cowgirl and every story comes out with humor and good lessons learned. As this ranch wife puts it,

“If you would have told me ten years ago that I’d be cooking for a crew with bawling cattle in the background, the smell of blood and burnt hair in the air, with the occasional snort of a horse thrown in and mountains in the distance…. I would have laughed in your face!”

This is no job for a housewife. This is the REAL Life of a Ranch Hand’s wife! Be sure to take a look at Kacee’s blog and look up her Facebook page and on Twitter.