Marcia Burkhart is part of a Four-generation family farm in central Ohio where her family farms 6,000 acres with minimal use of chemicals and fertilizers to maximize their crop yields. As she put it, her family works with a “Christian agronomist, and try to preserve and care for the land as God intended.” See there are farmers out there that can work to maximize their yields with the use of chemicals and still place importance of maintaining and preserving their environment.

Marcia sums up why she is AgProud like this:

We are intelligent hardworking people providing food for the world. We love what we do, give thanks to our Creator for allowing us the privlege of caring for the land, we work long hours, sweat streams of water, pray diligently, spend wisely, and love our neighbors. We breathe most freely when we are standing on the gr…ound from which we gain our strength. All we ask is respect for what we do and the freedom to do it. We are farmers, we feed you.”

The Burkhart family farm started as a dairy farm, in the early 1900’s and has evolved into what it is today. Four years ago, the Burkharts closed the dairy and now feed steers, which are mostly purchased at local fairs to support local 4-H youth. The farming operation also has a feed, seed, and chemical business at the same location.

Marcia’s family operates Burkhart Farm Center, Inc., a Case IH dealership whose motto is “Farmers serving farmers.” Marcia says that her family works with their farmer customer base to provide equipment at the lowest possible price and this starts with careful selection of product procurement. Burkhart Farm Center is a single store location that sells equipment and parts to farmers all over Ohio and parts of four other states. Indeed, it is good to see a family working together to make such an impact with their operation in today’s competitive markets.

The dealership was originally IH, and began in March of 1983. Marcia works in the Parts Department where she is parts coordinator and ordering manager. Marcia’s husband is Dealer Principle, manages the Equipment Sales, and co-manages the farming business with their son. Marcia’s brother-in-law manages the shop and his son and son-in-law both work there as well. Other wives, daughters, and daughters-in-law work as secretaries, etc. There are 29 total employees, which includes truck drivers to family members. The Burkharts and their employees are loyal and many of them farm. Marcia says the Burkharts and all of their customers have a deep passion for agriculture and the farming way of life.

Thank you Marcia for sharing your story and telling us why your family is proud to be a part of Agriculture in central Ohio!

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