I am a Cowboy!

Has it really been a week since graduation? I am not sure yet what to think of being a graduate from Oklahoma State. It is still sinking in, but I’m not really doing so well at the whole “relaxation” before I head out to Texas to start my job in the feedyards.

This week has been a busy one, helping my dad with our cattle and traveling around meeting with some producers. I have been working on the Agriculture Proud blog. There are some new posts on there, so check it out. I am going to try updating that blog every 3 days with something new, so keep tabs on it. Send me your links, photos, or stories so I can share your story on there as well. That is what the whole thing is about. Also, I have started a YouTube channel for AgProud. Send me an invite if you are on there. I will be making video entries on my activites, because more than likely as time gets tight I will not be able to sit down and write a blog as often as I would like. A short video post just seems easier. Check out the entries from this last week!

I really and drained. It’s been a long week catching up on some work and a family friend passed this week, so it was a rough funeral this morning. But all will be well soon.

Check out my post on Working Ranch, it goes into more detail on how my post-college life is starting out.

Ryan Goodman lives in Colorado, is an avid trail and ultrarunner, and works with farmers and ranchers to help them share their stories of agriculture and how food is raised. Connect with Ryan online as @BeefRunner. #TeamBeef.
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