That is Will Gilmer’s friendly reminder as he uses multiple social media sites to share his family’s great story of being Dairy Farmers in Alabama. With the use of everything from their website to Youtube videos sharing his “MooTube minute” videos, Will shares his story, interesting facts about dairy farming, and even includes a little humor along the way (like the popular “Water and Poo” video. Here are links to the site the Gilmers use to share with others why they are AgProud.

Gilmer Dairy’s YouTube channel A library of uploaded videos ranging from silly to educational, all trying to raise dairy awareness and create a positive image for agriculture.

Gilmer Dairy Farm gives farm history & info, pictures, Edopt-a-Cow program, news articles, etc.

GDF on Facebook is used mostly to relay what’s happening on the dairy farm or drive traffic to blog/youtube.

Will Gilmer on Twitter gives a “first-person” account of what will is doing on the Gilmer Dairy Farm.

As you can see, Will Gilmer and the Gilmer Dairy Farm family work hard to share their story with others on many sites. They are one AgProud farm family!