Today, I am Thankful

Dead week is finished, Calf Fry is wrapping up, and Finals week is here. Graduation is only days away and I am searching for more ways to procrastinate my studies. I do my best work out in the pasture so I have found a fencing project just outside of Stillwater as my get-away. There is nothing like building a little fence and taking a moment to soak it all up, just sitting there in the middle of the pasture.

There is an art to building a good fence. It is something my dad taught me from a young age, and a craft that I am still trying to perfect after working on fences in Arkansas, Texas, Wyoming, and Oklahoma. Every situation is different and there is a different plan for each project. I love to share with others the things that I love to do, so I usually try to bring an extra hand or two out with me to lend a hand (and the clips do not exactly put themselves on the fence!).

Read the entire post at Working Ranch Magazine’s blog!


  1. I think the secret to a good fence is just don't skimp and/or do it cheap. Do it right the first time, and it will last much much longer.

    Ouch, my knees and ankles hurt thinking about putting clips on.

  2. Most definitely Brandon. I always stick with doing things right the first time. I would much rather be building fence than trying to fix someone's mistakes.

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