I have heard about the horse rescue event by HSUS that occured last fall only 45 minutes from my hometown in Stone County, Arkansas. I am constantly reminded of it in my converstations with Desiree Bender as a prime example of HSUS-Arkansas’ “good deeds.”

Please read this article posted on cattlenetwork.com about the event. It just about made my stomach turn reading about how things went down, especially since it happened in my childhood stomping grounds.

I have several questions about the statements in this article, as I am sure there are many more to be raised.

What was HSUS’s place in carrying out the law of the land? Who appointed them to perform search and siezures of personal property?

Why would this person be charged with 25 felony counts for horses that may or may not have been in prime condition?

What is up with the search and siezure, accusations, and charges with such a lack of evidence. It really sounds like something from a John Grisham novel.

Is thisĀ a prime example of HSUS taking credit for “rescuing animals”, soaking up the spotlight of publicity, running off and leaving the labor to someone else, and wanting compensation for their deeds? Do they or do they not claim that their $19/month donations go toward caring for and rescuing animals (Yes, we all know that has been proven otherwise)?

I should mention that Ms. Bender refused to reply to any of my questions asking her view on the subject. She said she is “not going to entertain the ridiculous stories that you all are falling for on this case” and that “this is a horse slaughter issue and my case is being used as a weapon to discredit HSUS.”

I really do not have much more to say, the article says it for itself. Other than it’s a shame all American’s do not realize the falsity that is the HSUS.