Recently I became aware of a campaign by HSUS to purchase stock in businesses and restaurant food chains to influence and pressure change in their food procurement practices. (To read more view my previous post)

 Since that post I have done some researching and found that HSUS praises several restaurant chains and even a popular grocery chain for their decision to switch to cage free eggs. The following is a brief list and the attached links are releases by the HSUS praising the companies for making the change, many after pressure from HSUS stockholder pressures.

**Note, I do not believe this list to be complete. So any help identifying other chains making changes due to HSUS pressures would be greatly appreciated. Please provide a link with the information when posting.

I really do not want to make this an argument over what HSUS calls “battery vs cage free” in their attack on “factory farming” practices. Rather I believe it is time for American Agriculturalists to step up and stop this organization from painting the image that many standard industry practices today are clearly out of step with the sentiments of most Americans who do not want to see the animals they eat treated inhumanely. Since when is it acceptable for free speech in America to include an organization to slander an entire industry’s good image with consumers? Are you going to let this organization to misinform consumers about this industry? I know I have a great passion and personal investment in Animal Agriculture and I do not want this to happen.

Take this challenge: If one of the above mentioned businesses is present in your community, take the opportunity to speak to the manager and ask if they are aware of their company’s recent choices and the actions of HSUS to control livestock production. Share your personal story with this person. If nothing else they will become more informed on the issues and maybe even pass the word up the chain. Ask consumers that you come into contact with what their view of Animal Agriculture is, and share a good word with them as well. If we step up as a community, we CAN have a great impact.