Well, woke up early this morning with a lot on the mind. It’s been a lil bit since I have had the opportunity to really get out and do some work with the cattle. College classes tend to get in the way of things like that. So I really cannot share weekly stories of what I am doing with the herd. I figured why not share a little of my experience from working on cattle operations in Arkansas, Texas, Wyoming, and Oklahoma, what I am learning in classes, and ask for opinions from others that are out there. I might just be 21, but I have traveled many miles and worked in several environments, and I know there is so much more to learn from everyone’s experiences.

So I am gonna attempt a new thing with my blog, a “Ranching Series 101” if you will. I want to discuss everyday ranching tasks: fencing, feeding, hay harvest, range/pasture management, stocker options, calving problems, market trends, new technology, resources, and what ever else gets suggested to me.

Shoot me some ideas of topics, and I will see what I can do with them. I am working on a post on fencing. Whether it’s a new project, weekly repairs, or some up keep, I have seen quite a few different techniques and there are plenty of ways to approach them. Fences like this sure are rustic, but I don’t think it was doing much in the way of keeping the cattle in.

“Fences are only suggestions if the grass is greener on the other side”

So stay tuned, let me know what you would like to find out about, and I will see if we can share a little collective insight on these things.