I stumbled upon a list of “101 reasons to be a vegetarian” today, and it got me to thinking. In an effort to learn more about why Animal Agriculture is important, one may ask “Why is meat important?” With all of this chatter about eating meat versus eating vegetarian, there are plenty of facts about why we should go either way. We all know that these facts are out there. But it’s hard to put them all in one spot.

With the help of a reply from @ksfarmboy I thought of the challenge. Let’s get together and create our list of “101 reasons to eat meat”. I am sure there is a list out there, but I want to make this one bigger. We need these facts at hand for our conversations with consumers, and all in one place. (This goes along with my effort to share my story of animal agriculture. See previous posts.)

My hope is that we can make this successful, so let’s get it organized. I have created a group on Facebook, 101 Reasons to Eat Meat, and a hashtag on Twitter, #101toEatMeat, and I need the help of the Ag community. Post your facts, videos, and links on why eating meat is an important part of the human diet, why meat production is beneficial to the environment, why meat consumption/production is safe, and other related topics. Be sure to include your sources! We want to keep this factual, honest, and trustworthy.

So get to it! Give the reasons why you eat meat!