Over the weekend, which included lots of studying for upcoming exams, and interesting idea came to mind. With the increasing accessibility of social media, like Facebook, Twitter, and blogs, why not try to start a dialogue with members of animal rights groups PETA and HSUS to find out what they as individuals think about Livestock Production. We all know that the national organizations have expressed and acted upon their stances against livestock production. These organizations have endless resources at their disposal and use them to lobby against Animal Ag. But what do the supporters in our local areas think on these subjects?

I got to looking around and found that each state chapter of the HSUS has a Facebook group where local supporters communicate and share their ideas. So I decided to join Arkansas’ group in hopes of opening up a dialogue with local supporters to find out if they know about HSUS’ stance against animal agriculture. How do they stand on the issues? Do they know the stories of livestock producers in their areas? Did they know that agriculture makes up 25% of their states’ economy? I want to find out why they support animal rights groups and let them know my story of animal agriculture.

No one likes to be told that they are wrong with the opinions and involvement with groups. I sure don’t! And with all of the mud slinging on the issues, many people have lost sight of what the disagreement is all about. So why not use the social media sources that are available to us so start a dialogue with those in our area. Find out what they know about livestock production.

Individual people will not “abolish animal agriculture” like HSUS and PETA preach in their mission statements, but talking with their supporters and members will help you find out what they disagree with and might even help you to inform them about our role in producing the food and byproducts that feed and clothe people all around the world. You never know when you will get in touch with someone that will make a difference, but every person is important.