Well it is amazing how fast time flies. I am starting my last fall semester as an undergraduate, with only the spring semester to follow before graduation. This semester may include 18 hours of class, but it does not seem that there will be too much homework. Other than my speech and accounting classes the rest of my classes are upper level animal science. So it is kinda nice to have classes that I can actually apply to what I want to accomplish in life. It would be even better if I did not have to take those GE’s, but that is what I get for putting them off till the very end.

I am living in a new house with three roommates. I have no fears of us not getting along, but as far as sickness goes, we are not off to a very good start. Let’s hope I am not the next one to be getting sick.

I am in the line of the unemployed. I had an interview at Atwoods but they have not called back yet. If all else fails I can call the professor that I was working for last fall and see if they have any work for me this semester. It would be nice to have a job with steady hours in town though.

Today marks three years since my mom died in a cattle sorting accident. It is hard to believe that it has been that long, but it is still all a blur in my mind. It is weird, today I have spent less time being saddened by her death, and more time looking at the events of the past as reason to press forward with a stronger effort. I am trying my best to take my life and live it with the courage and willingness that she raised me to have. I pray that over the next year that I can use the memories of her to push on to become stronger in my faith and use my life as an example to show others that there is hope of pushing on despite all of life’s obstacles. My life experiences have taught me that despite life’s harshest conditions, God and my church family is always there as a shoulder to lean on.

There are so many passages in the Bible that tell us that God and our fellow Christians will always be there for us. But to me, the passages that give me strength are those that tell of the treasures we have ahead of us. 2 Chronicles 14-15 tells the story of Asa King of Judah and how he worked to keep God in the eyes of the land of Judah. God tells Asa that as long as the people seek Him, He will protect them, but if not He will forsake them. God tells Asa to “be strong, and do not let your hands be weak, for your work shall be rewarded” – 2 Chronicles 15:7. I find so much strength in this passage because it gives me knowledge that as long as I strive to live by God’s plan I will be rewarded with a home in Heaven one day. I cannot grasp knowing that my mom is sitting there waiting on me and I not do all I can to see her in Heaven one day. So I want to take this opportunity to encourage each and everyone one of you to take a moment to think of where you are in your relationship with Christ and where you are placing him in your daily agenda.

We are not perfect. We all slip and fall. That is why we have our Christian brothers and sisters surrounding us to give us strength and encouragement in times of trial and temptation. I have relyed on them for support and I hope that I can be there for others when they need my help. So take a moment to reflect on your relationships and ask yourself if you are living the life Christ wants you to or if you need to ask a fellow Christian for encouragement.