Well it’s only in the 80’s but that is a lot closer than the 50s and 60s that we have had over the past couple of weeks. And maybe it has stopped raining for the time being. I can’t believe it but I am 5 weeks into my internship. It seems like it is flying by too fast.

Last Friday I had a ton of fun in Cody. Katy Jane and I walked through downtown, and stopped in several shops. There were some pretty neat things to see. The Irma Hotel was pretty cool. It was built by Buffalo Bill in 1902 and named after his daughter. It is still decorated in the style of that year and has the original bar. We also went to the nightly rodeo in Cody. It was the most expensive rodeo I have paid for in a while. But then again it is a tourist attraction. The Buffalo Bill museum was interesting but it wasn’t so awesome that I would tell everyone that they have to see it.

Ted and I are getting along a lot better. First impressions may not always be right, but they are still first impressions. We rode up on the mountain for 7 hours on Sunday gathering cattle. I guess he was impressed that I knew how to work cattle from horseback. Guess I might know a few useful things after all. We are still working on it though.

We are just starting swathing hay. We haven’t been able to start because the fields have been too wet. Imagine that in a place that gets 8 inches of rain each year. Won’t be but a few days before we start baling.

I am actually a little ticked that I have only been on the mountain to gather cattle once and everyone else has been at least 3 times or has gone all the way up to fix fence. I kind of feel like the managers are saying that since I have horse and ranch experience they will let the less experienced interns do that. I get stuck here doing irrigation all day. Yeah it gets a little old after a day or two.

Well this may be a little down spirited, but I am really having a great time. Its just the end of the work day and I am tired. Hope everyone is doing great and enjoying the 100 degree heat back home. Take some in for me!