I finally made it to Hyattville, Wyoming. After a long trip from Rapid City, SD I am ready for something to do. The trip ended up being 1400 miles. I woke up at 5:30 without an alarm (You have to keep in mind there is a time change, so it was really like 6:30), and the sun was already out and it was in the 20s. Again, I will have to get used to having a cool summer. I drove through Buffalo, WY to the Big Horn Mountains. I could see the peaks for a long ways off, and I just expected the snow to be way up there where no one drives. But I was wrong! The snow was on the shoulder of the road 3 to 4 feet high. They had got the snow off the main road but there where side roads that were buried under several feet of snow. I thought it was the middle of May, but I still saw more snow today than I have ever seen in my life. It was pretty neat to see all that snow and the fences along the road were buried and all you could see were the tops of the tallest posts. There was a lake in the middle of the mountains, but it is still completely frozen over and covered in snow. Then I came back down the mountains to get to the ranch and its pretty dry and there are lots of irrigated fields. Kinda reminds me of West Texas all over again. At least it’s not 100 degrees with a 40 mph steady wind.

I did figure out that I might not like it here in the winter. There are permanent road closed signs on the road all the way from Rapid City. I am not sure how I would take the roads being closed due to having so much snow. And along the road there are huge wooden barricades that catch the snow drifts to prevent it from piling on the roads. In the mountains I saw some buried in snow. These things are probably 15 feet tall. Kinda makes me not want to live here during the winter.

Well I have most of my things unpacked, and am stealing the internet from the neighbors. My drive way is all dirt, as are the rest of the roads in town. Two of the interns are already here, and one possibly two more are on their way. The guy and girl that are already here are from Michigan State. Guess those accents will be something to get used to as the summer moves on. Well I feel a good nap coming on. I will let yall know how the first week of work goes. I start on Monday but tomorrow I am making a trip to town for food. See ya.