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Running Gear for Cold Winter Running

Are you cold yet? 2018 walked right in with a cold arctic chill, dropping many states well below zero. And runners have been wrapping up. Growing up in Arkansas, I hardly knew what real cold was, but a move to Montana quickly taught me how to dress for running in colder weather. Now, I absolutely […]

Winter Farm Chores: Not always time off for farmers

Winter does not┬ánecessarily┬ámean time off for farmers and ranchers across the country. Although, I do take advantage of the longer hours of dark to catch up on some of my favorite reading. The hay may be in the barn and the crops may be out of the fields, but there are still plenty of chores […]

Wordless Wednesday: Happy Newborns [Video]

I hope you’re having an awesome Wednesday and that the coffee has warmed you well. I’ve been out in the pastures much of the past week as calving season has launched in a quick start. The calves are loving this crisp, cool weather. Here’s 30 seconds of joy with one. Happy Hump Day!

White Christmas in Arkansas with the family [Video]

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas this week with lots of food, family, and friends! I traveled home to Arkansas to spend the week with family and ended up seeing a VERY White Christmas. We had about a foot of snow at the house and 6-8 inches of snow with quite a […]

Late Winter Cow Management

Much of the country has been blessed with a mild, dry winter, avoiding many of the problems severe winter storms can bring to the cow herd. With this good weather, we can become side tracked and forget about some very important nutritional needs from Spring calving cows. North Dakota Beef Specialist, Carl Dahlen, recently shared […]

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