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Running Confused | Where Do I Find Credible Information?

Running should be easy. Right? You buy a pair of running shoes, lace them up and take off down the road. But wait…. What shoes are the right fit? Will they injure my feet if they’re not just the right fit? Should I stretch before I run? What’s the best way to build up my […]


Blackberry App Review: Endomondo (Free version)

Let’s face it, I’m no Mobile Farmer when it comes to Smartphones. I just graduated from my so-called “dumbphone” last November and even though my Blackberry has smartphone capabilities, it’s far from meeting that potential in the hands of this guy. Earlier this year I announced my plans to participate in a Tough Mudder competition to […]

Can Team Beef Be A Tough Mudder?

Oh yeah. I’m kind of excited about this one. How about branching out into one of the toughest, most fun competitions I’ve seen in quite a while? I’m talking about the Tough Mudder! A series of obstacles – obviously including lots of mud – that take competitors through the trenches, under the “Devil’s Beard”, in […]

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