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Qdoba Burrito Bowls Don’t Survive 50 MPH Impacts

June 2014 wasn’t exactly the month I had planned. It started out on a great note with big plans to do a little exploring as I traveled across the state of Montana. My workouts were going great and I was building up to do a few more 5k and 10k runs this summer, hopefully building […]

My Favorite Super Bowl Ads – that I completely missed out on

When you’re flying out of Helena, Montana, there are two choices for flying out of town. Either you fly out at 6 a.m. or you leave on one of two mid-day flights. And during the winter, you can pretty much bet on delays somewhere along the way. Since I had just returned from the AgChat […]

Chevy Silverado Ad Features Rural America (Video)

If you’ve tagged along on my social media feeds for very long, you’ll note that I’m a big fan of regional country music out of Oklahoma and Texas. After all, Stillwater, the home of my alma mater, is the origination of Red Dirt music. So a new ad from Chevy Silverado caught my ear with […]

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