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What is a cattle feedlot? | Ask a Farmer

What is a factory farm? What is a CAFO? What is a feedlot? These and numerous other questions are some that I receive on a weekly basis pertaining to cattle production. I have spent most of my life becoming better acquainted with many aspects of cattle production. Over the next several posts, I hope to […]

Why I Occupy My Food Supply

When was the last time you walked down the grocery aisle and looked at food labels. I bet you probably look at the Nutritional Facts and maybe a few flashy labels for the latest trending buzz word. But have you looked at the manufacturer information on the label? Or even the country of origin label? […]

The Care Package: Video About Cattle Welfare

Cattle Welfare. The cattle are here, it’s what we do. It’s our passion and this business if our livelihood. Bottom line is the cattle are handled better today than they ever were before. The words of this Colorado cattle feedlot operator couldn’t be more representative of cattlemen across the country. On farms, ranches, and many […]

McDonald’s Advertisement Misleading, Cattle Full of Antibiotics

When responses get too long… I had a comment on my post about McDonald’s new farmer ad campaign this weekend and my response became a bit lengthy. I guess it just hit a spot when people start assuming things about cattle feeding operations and that real farmers aren’t out there in the pasture with their […]

I’m Holding a What?!?

So I posted this photo at the end of my post yesterday, I got a few concerned comments, and I love it. I gotta go a little AgNerd on ya and say that placentas are kind of intriguing. How can something that forms from nothing provide an environment for a developing fetus, act as the […]

Why Do We Care?

Wednesday was just another busy day at the feedyard. Plenty of cattle going through the processing barn receiving vaccinations and ear tags. The cowboys were putting off their morning pen riding as long as possible by quizzing the Vet during his monthly visit. Here I am running around like a chicken with my head cut […]

From the Ground Up – JBS

Today’s livestock business is made of many different levels, businesses, specialties, and organizations. All too often, people use these differences against one another, and try to separate themselves from the crowd. I found this interesting spotlight from BEEF Magazine. In an interview with the magazine JBS USA President and CEO hits on a few important […]

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